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Gaco Elastomeric Roof Coating - 2 GALLON


Gaco Elastomeric Roof Coating - 2 GALLON

20.00 LBS

Product Description

This high quality, single component, elastomeric coating provides a long lasting waterproof membrane on a flat or a sloped roof. The coating is made from silicone, allowing for superior protection against permanent ponding water, UV rays and temperature extremes. Due to the unique chemistry of GacoElastomeric, it can be rained on after 2 hours and won’t wash off the roof. GacoElastomeric adheres directly to the substrate and does not require a primer. Use it to protect large and small buildings, homes, garages, patio covers, sheds, barns, mobile homes, RVs and more.

  • Two gallons of GacoElastomeric provides the same coverage as a 5-gallon pail of most acrylic elastomerics, plus the added benefits and protection of a Gaco Silicone
  • BETTER COVERAGE. Higher solids than acrylics, more coating stays on the roof. One 2 gallon container of GacoElastomeric covers 100 sq. ft.
  • CURES FAST. Can be rained on after just 2 hours and won’t wash off the roof.
  • WITHSTANDS PONDED WATER. Acrylics begin to soften in as little as 24 hours.
  • REMAINS PERMANENTLY FLEXIBLE. Acrylics become hard and brittle, and often crack and leaks.

Use it for:

  • Large and Small Buildings
  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Patio Covers
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Mobile Homes
  • RVs
  • More!

SURFACE PREPARATION It is extremely important to get the roof clean and dry. First remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves and other debris from the roof using broom or air broomer, then inspect the entire roof surface and flashings for any open seams, tears, cuts, etc. Repair these flaws so water is not blown in under membrane during the cleaning process. Pressure wash roof with water and allow to dry completely. For general cleaning, apply GacoWash Concentrated Cleaner according to label instructions. On all single ply membrane roofs, after application of cleaner, power scrub the roof surface until clean and then power wash to remove debris and continue rinsing until all suds are gone. Biological Control: Areas of algae, mildew or fungus on the roof membrane or the existing coating should be treated with a solution of 1 part household bleach and 3 parts water, followed by a power washer rinse using clear water. Drying: After cleaning and rinsing the roof, ensure no dirt or debris is present. Allow surfaces to thoroughly dry to prevent blistering. Examine roof, paying particular attention to areas of physical damage to determine that residual water has in fact dried before applying coating. Note: Drying  time depends on weather conditions such as temperature, humidity and air movement.

PRIMING GacoElastomeric will adhere to most surfaces without a primer; however, some substrates may require a primer for optimal adhesion. To verify proper adhesion, an adhesion test should be performed on a properly prepared and representative area of the substrate that is to be coated. On any aged asphalt or black tar surfaces, applying GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer, according to label directions, may help prevent bleed-through staining on the final coats. 

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Mix before application to ensure uniform color and consistency. Product should not be thinned. The coverage rate of GacoElastomeric is two gallons per 100 sq. ft. or 1 square. Two coats are recommended for sufficient waterproofing coverage on most substrates. Apply at a rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon in each coat on a smooth surface; coverage rate may decrease on heavily textured or weathered substrates. Allow the first coat to dry for 3 to 12 hours. Apply second coat as soon as the first coat can be safely walked on. Do not apply in temperatures below freezing, above 120°F (49°C) or if rain is expected within 2 hours. Light foot traffic is allowed for equipment servicing only. Flat roofs (less than 1:12 pitch/5°): Use a solvent-resistant ¾” or 1” nap roller cover and dip roller directly into pail and apply, or pour product onto flat roof surface and roll out evenly. Pitched roofs (greater than 1:12 pitch/5°): Use extreme caution when on a pitched roof. Follow all safety guidelines to avoid injury. Use a solvent-resistant ¾” or 1” nap roller cover, dip roller directly into pail, and apply. A roof pitch greater than 4:12/19° is not considered walkable; Additional reach equipment may be needed to properly apply the product safely and effectively. 


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