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Southern Paint & Supply Co.

PSX700 High-Performance, Engineered Siloxane - GALLON KIT


PSX700 High-Performance, Engineered Siloxane - GALLON KIT

14.00 LBS

Product Description

PSX 700 Two-Component, High Performance, Engineered Siloxane by Ameron.psx-photo4.jpg

PPG’s innovative technology proves that you do not need a three-coat system to obtain the optimum corrosion resistance of a zinc primer and an epoxy midcoat, along with the long-term gloss and color retention of conventional aliphatic polyurethane. Now, with only one coat of zinc primer, plus one coat of our breakthrough PSX 700 you get performance equalling, or surpassing, the finest three-coat systems available today. Our unique system uses patented engineered siloxane components delivering the excellent adhesion, toughness, corrosion and chemical resistances of epoxy siloxane. In addition, PSX 700 removes the need to use the traditional mid-coat epoxy to achieve excellent resistance to weathering, exterior gloss and color retention. 

Typical Applications

  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Heavy equipment
  • Manufactured products
  • Marine topsides and superstructures
  • Offshore platforms
  • Piping
  • Structural steelpsx-photo-long.png
  • Tank exteriors
  • Wind turbines
  • Floors

Product Details

  • Components: 2
  • Volume Solids: 90%
  • VOCs: 84 g/L
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 3-7mils
  • Theoretical Spread Rate: 289sq.ft./gallon (5mils)
  • Dry To Touch: 2 hours (see dry time chart below)
  • Dry To Recoat: Minimum 3 hours (Maximum: Unlimited)
  • Shelf Life: Base-36 months, Cure-24 months (Stored in cool dry place)
  • Pot Life: 4 hours (68 degrees)

The benefits of PSX 700 are more than just a reduction in coats. Three additional factors set this breakthrough product apart from all others:

  • Unsurpassed performance
  • Significant cost savings
  • Outstanding environmental characteristics


PSX 700 offers a longer service life than the traditional epoxy/aliphatic polyurethane system it replaces. And when combined with a zinc primer, the two-coat system significantly outlasts thepsx-photo2.jpg best three-coat systems (zinc primer, epoxy midcoat, and polyurethane finish).

  • Gloss and color retention surpasses that offered by conventional aliphatic polyurethane
  • Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance exceeds those provided by an epoxy coating
  • Abrasion resistance is greater than, or equal to, a flexible aliphatic polyurethane and far superior to an ordinary epoxy
  • Highly resistant to stains, graffiti and dirt accumulation


  • PPG’s PSX 700 siloxane-epoxy coating delivers dramatic, proven cost savings. Use one coat of PSX 700 to replace a conventional epoxy/polyurethane topcoat system or use PSX 700 over a zinc primer to replace a conventional three-coat zinc primer, epoxy, conventional polyurethane system. Either way, here’s how you save:
  • Less frequent repainting: due to greatly extended service life
  • Shorter application time: only one low-VOC coat to apply reduces costly plant downtime
  • Increased profitability: one coat versus two coats or more increases profits through lower product costs
  • Reduced hazardous waste management costs: extremely low-volatile, organic compound content easily satisfies stringent environmental and health and safety requirements, and cuts disposal costs (fewer cans to discard)
  • Quick and easy application: using airless or conventional spray, brush or roller
  • Shorter downtime: cures at room temperature and will be touch-dry in two hours at 21°C (70°F)
  • Higher output/throughput



  • PSX 700 meets, or exceeds, today’s stringent environmental, health and safety requirements due to its formulation of ultra-high solids and extremely low-volatile organic compounds. It also needs little or no thinning, providing significant reduction in solvent emissions and hazardous waste. 
  • Unlike polyurethane, PSX 700 does not contain hazardous isocyanates, and also provides Class A fire resistance with low fire and smoke generation ratings.

Shipping Notice:

  • Due to the manufacturer's stocking inconsistency, this product could take up to 2 weeks to land.  Average shipping time is about 1 week.

Custom Color Notice:

  • Custom colors require additional processing time. We can not guarantee 100% accuracy with custom colors. Custom colors are non-returnable. For custom color matches, a sample could be sent to us or you can match your desired color to the paint chip of a major paint major manufacturer and provide us with the color name, number, and manufacturer.  We can make Federal Standard colors as well.

Cure Notes:

  • Cure availability could be very inconsistant and we recommend picking "First Available".
  • Pot life is the same with both cures, however, dry times vary (see chart below).


Note: RH is relative humidity. Range indicates drying time with Fast Dry and Standard cure.  


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