Prep Tools

  • Diamabrush Shroud Diamabrush Shroud


    Diamabrush Dust Shroud - 7"



    The Diamabrush 7" Shroud is designed for use with the 7" Diamabrush Removal Tool to reduce airborn particles.   Attaches to most angle grinders. Includes a velcro dust guard. Edges access door for getting close to walls. Vacuum port that foits...

  • Warner Super Soft Knee Pads 10031


    Warner Super Soft Knee Pads



    Warner's Super Soft Knee Pads are the ultimate knee pad for any job site.  Whether you're installing wood floors, carpet, or tile, applying caulking, scraping and sanding, these are the knee pads for you.  These knee pads feature super cushiony...