Today's Tape!

Today's Tape!

Frog Tape Multi-SurfaceFrog Tape Blog EntryIn an era of 3D home televisions, Google Earth, and iphones with Facetime we probably wouldn’t associate masking tape with technology would we? I know, sticky paper wrapped around a cardboard tube and cut into different sizes…big whoop! Until now, the most recent advancement of any significance in masking tape was 3M’s development of Blue Tape in 1988. What’s so special about blue tape some of you may ask? Well lemme tell ya. 3M’s Blue Tape was the very first masking to resist UV light allowing contractors to leave it on the surface for much longer periods of time without having any trouble getting it off and leaving no sticky residue. It also uses a lower tack adhesive that considerably reducing the chances of damaging the substrate you put it on. 3M spent millions of dollars and thousands of man hours making Blue Tape a household name and that they did. Everybody has gotten themselves a good roll of Blue Tape at least once and they all swear by it. Painting contractors buy it by the sleeve or even case, it’s incredible! Now 3M manufactures a variety of Blue Tapes for nearly any occasion and essentially every tape manufacturer has a version of it. It really has revolutionized the tape industry.

Frog Tape DelicateSo what’s next? Is there anything else we can do to tape? How do we Bedazzle masking tape? I can only say one thing, “Ribbit…Ribbit,Ribbit…..Ribbit!” That’s right baby, Frog Tape arrived a few years ago now and it’s bringing sexy back to masking tape. Frog Tape is no gimmick. This is big for tape, real big and it works and I can prove it. Just watch this short sample video or better yet pick-up a roll to try it yourself. Frog Tape is revolutionary. It’s is manufactured by Shur-Tape, a big player in the tape industry. As one of the largest global tape manufacturers, Shur-Tape provides product to practically every industry. So here’s how Frog Tape works. During the manufacturing process each edge of the tape is treated with what they call “PaintBlock Technology,” a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint by instantly gelling and forming a micro-barrier sealing the edges and preventing paint bleed. I know what you’re thinking, “Whatcha you talkin’ bout?” You’ll see, just watch the video will ya! It shows a guy pouring water into a cup of the material they use for “PaintBlock.” So once Frog Tape is applied to a surface and you begin painting, at the very moment, that very split second of paint contact, the edges expand. How brilliant is that? Why didn’t I think of this? Yeah, yeah there have been some rumors on the street criticizing it. That’s what good competition does. In fact, I was really skeptical when I first saw it. Trust me, I have every Tom, Dick, and Harry coming in my office trying to sell me snake oil on a daily basis and when the Frog Tape rep first came into my office with his fancy container and green tape with a big red-eyed frog on it I laughed at him. “You want me to sell this stuff? Are you kidding? Get out of here and don’t let the door hit you in the arse!” 


One such rumor that caught my attention, for obvious reasons, was that Frog Tape is ruined when exposed to high humidity and that’s why it’s sold in the fancy plastic container. WRONG! That fancy plastic container is to protect your investment. Investment? Let’s face it, it’s an expensive roll of tape and if it’s rolling around in a typical paint van or home garage, it’s gonna get banged up. That, of course, would decrease its effectiveness. It DOES NOT have to be stored in the container, it’s highly recommended however. Another myth, Frog Tape is TOXIC! Rumors of the PaintBlock treatment is dangerous was floating around. No it isn’t! Well, I mean if you eat a roll of it, you may have some issues, but you can have that after eating at McDoanlds (For the record, I don’t condone eating rolls of Frog Tape.) And I wouldn’t recommend giving it to you newborn for a chew toy either. I will admit something though. We receive these little sample baggies of powder to display how Frog Tape works (shown in video) and I’ve been real tempted to replace the coffee creamer with it to get some kicks in the morning. So pick yourself up a roll. 

Frog Tape is available in two versions.  Multi-Surface (green), for most standard masking projects and Delicate-Surface (yellow) for going over fresh paint, faux finishes, or other delicate surfaces.  Although you’ll find it almost anywhere, I’d like to encourage you to support your locally owned paint and hardware shops or of course, my web site. These are the guys and gals who contribute back to the community and will always give you the proper advice with your projects.