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Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint

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Product Overview


Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint is a premium quality, bright white acrylic coating especially formulated for ceilings.  It offers a beautiful, uniform finish with incredible hide and easy application.  This splatter-free formula is also self-priming which can be applied directly to unprimed drywall.  

  • Features solid hiding and easy application
  • Resists spattering when applied with a roller
  • Provides a beautiful uniform flat finish 
  • Tones down ceiling glare and provides maximum diffused ligh
  • Self priming over Drywall

RECOMMENDED FOR:  Residential or commercial ceiling applications where a premium quality finish is desired. For new or previously painted wallboard, wallpapered surfaces, acoustical ceiling tile, cured masonry, plaster, and other ceiling substrates.

COVERAGE: 400-450sq.ft./gallon


  • TO TOUCH: 1hr
  • TO RECOAT: 2hrs


SURFACE PREPARATION:  Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, soap, wax, scaling paint, water soluble materials, and mildew. Remove any peeling or scaling paint and sand these areas to feather edges smooth with adjacent surfaces. Glossy areas should be dulled. Drywall surfaces must be free of sanding dust. New plaster or masonry surfaces must be allowed to cure (30 days) before applying base coat. Cured plaster should be hard, have a slight sheen and maximum pH of 10; soft, porous or powdery plaster indicates improper cure. Never sand a plaster surface; knife off any protrusions and prime plaster before and after applying patching compound. Poured or pre-cast concrete with a very smooth surface should be etched or abraded to promote adhesion, after removing all form release agents and curing compounds. Remove any powder or loose particles before priming.
Difficult Substrates: Benjamin Moore offers a number of specialty primers for use over difficult substrates such as bleeding woods, grease, crayon markings, hard glossy surfaces, galvanized metal, or other substrates where paint adhesion or stain suppression is a particular problem. Your Benjamin Moore retailer can recommend the right problem solving primer for your special needs.

PRIMING: New surfaces should be fully primed, and previously painted surfaces may be primed or spot primed as necessary. For best hiding results, tint the primer to the approximate shade of the finish coat, especially when a significant color change is desired. Special Note: Certain custom colors require a Deep Color Base Primer tinted to a special prescription formula to achieve the desired color. Muresco is self priming on bare drywall.  Two coats are recommended.

APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply one or two coats. For best results, use a premium Benjamin Moore® customblended nylon/polyester brush, premium Benjamin Moore® roller, or a similar product. Apply paint generously from unpainted area into wet area. This product can also be sprayed. If your edge begins to dry or you see that you missed a spot and the paint is already setting up, allow it to dry completely before touching up that area.