Wood Finishing

  • Old Masters Gel Stain Half Pint Old Masters Gel Stain Pint

    Old Masters

    Old Masters GEL STAIN

    $23.99 - $36.99


    *****FREE SHIPPING*****    Old Masters Gel Stain is a highly pigmented, oil-based stain designed to achieve intense colors on interior and exterior wood, fiberglass, primed metal and composition surfaces. Its thick formula allows...

  • Old Masters Pure Tung Oil

    Old Masters

    Old Masters Tung Oil

    $24.99 - $126.99


    *****FREE SHIPPING***** Old Masters Tung Oil creates a beautiful, hand rubbed finish ideal for use on antiques, fine furniture, or bare wood. This product provides a durable water and alcohol resistant oil finish. Tung Oil is formulated to be...

  • Old Masters Paste Wax

    Old Masters

    Old Masters Paste Wax

    $21.99 - $59.99


    *****FREE SHIPPING***** Old Masters Paste Wax is formulated with imported Carnauba, the hardest natural wax known to man. It provides outstanding durability while enhancing the beauty of furniture and woodwork. This product does not contain...

  • Old Masters Putty Sticks

    Old Masters

    Old Masters Putty Stick



    *****FREE SHIPPING***** Cover and fill unsightly nail holes and mitered joints quickly and easily on any wood project with Old Masters Putty Sticks. Putty Sticks may also be used on vinyl, leather, and various craft projects. Available in eight popular...

  • Old Masters Wiping Stain 1/2 pint Old Masters Wiping Stain Quart

    Old Masters

    Old Masters WIPING STAIN

    $23.99 - $37.99


    *****FREE SHIPPING*****    The Old Masters Wiping Stain is a cutting edge, robust, interior oil-based stain. Its thick, rich formula allows for easy application and superior color control, which is necessary to achieve a rich and uniform...

  • Old Masters Fast Dry Stain Gallon Old Masters Fast Dry Stain Quart

    Old Masters

    Old Masters FAST DRY Professional Wood Stain

    $21.99 - $52.99


    *****FREE SHIPPING*****    Old Masters® Fast Dry Wood Stain is designed for the professional craftsman. This high quality oil-based stain applies easily and enhances the wood’s natural grain with its intensified depth of...

  • Allpro Waterborne Gloss Polyurethane Allpro Waterborne Semi-Gloss Polyurethane


    Allpro Acrylic Waterborne Polyurethane Wood Finish

    $39.99 - $79.99


    ****FREE SHIPPING**** Allpro Acrylic Waterborne Polyurethane Wood Finish is a specially formulated acrylic urethane varnish, designed for application to a variety of interior wood surfaces. It provides a hard and durable finish that dries clear. It...