Corotech V430 100% Solids Epoxy | Heavy-Duty Floor Protection For Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Applications

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Product Overview

Corotech® V430 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating is a two component, high build epoxy. It is formulated for use as a one coat application on interior concrete floors subjected to industrial chemicals and fumes (2 coats on new surfaces). This product can also be used in severe exposure applications subjected to heavy abrasion and vehicular traffic. This coating will fill many hairline cracks and superficial concrete defects, producing a smooth and aesthetically pleasing high gloss finish. This product is intended for use in industrial or commercial exposures and should only be applied by professional contractors, knowledgeable in the use of these types of coating systems.

This is a two component product that requires the mixing of an "A" component epoxy and a "B" component catalyst. The proper mix ratio [A: B] for ready mix colors is 2:1 and for the clear is 1.66:1. The gallon sized container of part "B" catalyst is used only with the 2 gallon sized part "A", and the 2 gallon sized part "B" is used only with the 5 gallon sized part "A". All part A's and B's are pre - proportioned for easy use - add the B to the A in the proper sizes listed above. If area to be coated should be exposed to frequently wet conditions, the use of a non-skid additive aggregate is recommended.


  • 100% solids formulation for maximum build
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Chemical and fume resistant
  • High service life in warehouse and commercial environments
  • Qualifies for LEEDS credits
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities

Recommended For:

  • Interior Concrete.
  • NOTE: Corotech V430 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating is designed for use on bare or previously coated concrete – interior floor applications only. This product will amber and chalk if exposed to ultraviolet light. 


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