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Insl-X Garage Guard Water-Based Epoxy by Benjamin Moore - GALLON KIT

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Product Overview


GarageGuard® Water Based 2 Part Epoxy is a new generation water- based catalyzed epoxy which offers performance equal to traditional solvent based epoxy systems. It provides superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance when compared to conventional waterborne epoxies. The highly cross-linked film provides years of service. GarageGuard® Water Based 2 Part Epoxy produces lower odor than solvent based epoxies, so this product may be applied in occupied areas, and is more user friendly. Additionally, this product may be applied to most generic coating types without the fear of lifting or wrinkling. This product is suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities. This is a two component product with a mix ratio of 3:1. It requires 3 parts of the proper “A” or Base Component (underfilled gallon can) mixed with 1 part of the proper “B” or Converter Component (quart). Mixing of Partial Kits Is Not Recommended. 

  • Waterborne 2-part epoxy
  • Durable semi-gloss finish, abrasion & impact resistant 
  • Will not lift existing coatings
  • Resists hot tire pick-up from cars
  • Resists most automobile fluids
  • Recoat in 8 hours; park vehicles in 3 days
  • For Garage Floors, Basement Floors and Other Concrete Surfaces

Coverage: 250-300sq.ft. per gallon

Dry Times: 

  • Tack Free: 2 hours
  • Recoat: 8 hours
  • Foot Traffic: 24 hours
  • Vehicular Traffic: 72 hours
Recommended For: GarageGuard Waterborne Epoxy is designed for use on basement floors, garage floors and other concrete surfaces. Ideal for use in food and beverage processing, transportation, warehouses, industrial refurbishment, healthcare, schools, large commercial structures, industrial and commercial flooring, and other areas where a performance epoxy is needed. 
Limitations: Do not apply when air, surface or product temperature is below 50 °F Use the entire gallon of GarageGuard® within 4 hours of initial mixing. Mixing of Partial Kits Is Not Recommended. Not recommended for use in immersion service or acidic exposures.

Cleanup: Water

Resin Type: Amine Adduct Epoxy

Recommended Use: Interior

Sheen: Semi-gloss

Available Colors: Showroom Gray, Desert Sand, Custom Colors

MPI Rating: N/A

VOC Level: < 250 g/L