Corotech V440 Waterborne Amine Epoxy by Benjamin Moore | Formulated To Provide Good Chemical, Abrasion And Impact Resistance

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Product Overview

Corotech® V440 Waterborne Amine Epoxy is formulated to provide superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance when compared to most conventional waterborne epoxies. The highly cross-linked film provides years of service in industrial and commercial applications and is particularly suited for use on concrete floors subjected to severe service conditions. The waterborne formulation produces lower odor than solvent based epoxies, so this product may be applied in occupied areas, and is more user friendly than solvent based polyamide epoxies. Additionally, this product may be applied to most generic coating types without the fear of lifting or wrinkling.  This is a two component product that requires 3 parts of the proper “A” or Base Component (underfilled gallon) mixed with 1 part of the proper “B” or Converter Component (quart). Do Not Mix Partial Kits. 

1 GALLON KIT (Includes A and B)

  • Low odor and Low VOC for occupied areas
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Easy application and clean-up
  • Hard, scratch and impact resistant coating
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities

Sheens: Gloss; Catalyst

Available Colors: Clear, White, Terracotta, Sandstone, Silver Gray, and Battleship Gray; Pastel Base, Tint Base, Deep Base, and Clear Base

Cleanup: Soap and Water

Resin Type: Amine Adduct Epoxy

Recommended Use: Interior use only or exterior protected with a UV resistant finish coat.

VOC Level: < 200 g/L


  • Suitable for use in USDA Inspected Facilities
  • CDPH v1 Emission Certified

Recommended For: Properly Prepared and/or Primed Steel, Iron, Concrete, Non-Ferrous Metals, Wood & Drywall. Corotech® V440 Waterborne Amine Epoxy is designed for use in food and beverage processing, chemical processing, transportation, warehouses, industrial refurbishment, healthcare, schools, large commercial structures, industrial and commercial flooring, and other areas where a performance epoxy is needed without the odor concerns that accompany conventional solvent thinned epoxies. This product will amber and chalk if exposed to ultraviolet light. 

COVERAGE: 375 - 475 Sq. Ft. / gallon


  • To Touch: 2 Hours
  • To Recoat: 8 Hours
  • Full Cure: 3 – 5 Days

POT LIFE: 2-4 Hours

SURFACE PREPARATION:  All surfaces must be sound, dry, clean and free of oil, grease, dirt, mildew, mill scale, form release agents, curing compounds, loose and flaking paint and other surface contaminants.

    • Concrete and Masonry: All masonry surfaces must be allowed to cure a minimum of 30 days before painting. Acid etch orabrasive blast all slick, glazed concrete or concrete with laitance. For acid etching, follow all manufacturer’s directions and safety instructions. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Prime concrete with one coat of V155 100% Solid Epoxy Pre-Primer or V156 Moisture Tolerant Fast Set Epoxy Sealer. Bare concrete may require two coats of V440 to obtain desired finish.
    • Steel and ferrous metal: The use of Corotech® V110 Acrylic Metal Primer or V175 Waterborne Bonding Primer is recommended. All primers provide maximum performance over near white metal blasted surfaces (SSPCSP 10). There are however, situations and cost considerations that may prevent this type of surface preparation from being done. Corotech® Industrial Coatings have been designed to provide protection over less than ideal surfaces. The recommended standard is a commercial blast (SSPC-SP 6). The steel profile after the blast should be 1-2 mils and be jagged in nature. Surfaces must be free of grit dust. The coating should be applied as soon as possible after the blast in order to prevent flash rusting or surface contamination. Hand tool cleaning (SSPCSP 2) or power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP 3) can be used if blasting is not possible. In areas where adequate surface preparation is not possible the use of V155 100% Solid Epoxy Pre-Primer is recommended. In highly corrosive areas where additional rust inhibitive qualities are required, prime with one coat of V170 Organic Zinc-Rich Primer prior to applying epoxy coatings.
    • Galvanized and Non-Ferrous Metals: Solvent clean all surfaces [SSPC-SP-1]. Apply one coat of Corotech® V110 Acrylic Metal Primer or V175 Waterborne Bonding Primer.
    • Drywall: Insure drywall is dust & chalk free. Prime with an acrylic drywall primer.
  • PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: Can be applied over most existing industrial finishes in good condition.


  • Mixing Instructions: This is a two component kit and is pre-proportioned for error free mixing. DO NOT vary from these instructions. Mix “A” & “B” separately
    1. Carefully empty the entire contents of V 440-90 activator into the can of V440-Part A component resin; scrape the sides of the pail of Part B to make sure all liquid has been added. Part A container is oversized to completely accept entire contents of Part B material.
    2. Using a jiffy mixer at low speed, blend this mixture for three to five minutes until completely blended. Keep the mixing blade turning at a slow speed to minimize whipping air into material. Scrape sides of pail during the mixing process.
    3. Care must be taken to assure both components are completely mixed in order to avoid partially cured spots in the coating.
    4. Allow to induct for 30 minutes.

It is extremely important to remember that Epoxy Coatings have a limited pot life; therefore, it is wise to make sure sufficient manpower and correct application tools are in order prior to starting the mixing sequence. Estimated pot life is: 2 to 4 hours @ 77 °F (25 °C)

  • Airless Spray (Preferred Method): Tip range between .015 and .019. Total fluid output pressure at tip should not be less than 2100 psi.
  • Air Spray (Pressure Pot): DeVilbis MBC or JGA gun, with 704 or 765 air cap and Fluid Tip E.
  • Brush: Synthetic Bristle only.
  • Roller: Industrial Cover with Phenolic core. ¼” – ½” nap.

NOTE: Do not allow material to remain in hoses, gun or spray equipment. Thoroughly  flush all equipment with warm water. No reduction is necessary. 

DRYING TIME: Dries tack free in 2 hours. Can be recoated in 8 hours. This dry time is based on 77 °F and 50% relative humidity. Lower temperature and/or higher humidity will result in longer dry times. NOTE: If more than 72 hours (@ 77 °F) elapses between coats, sand the film to provide sufficient profile. 

Additional Notes: All high gloss surfaces can be slippery. Where nonskid characteristics are desired, hand broadcast an appropriate anti-slip aggregate into the wet film then back-roll to encapsulate. Benjamin Moore’s Corotech® Anti-Slip Aggregate V630 works well for non-clear coats. All epoxy coatings will chalk and fade if applied on exterior surfaces subjected to direct sunlight. All epoxies tend to yellow. Where color and gloss retention is important top-coating will be necessary. Will stain with prolonged exposure to some solvents and chemicals or in kennels if exposed to animal waste. This staining will not affect the durability or protective qualities of the coating. Will not cure at surface temperatures below 50 °F.