Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Prep Coat High Build Latex Primer - 5 Gallon - WHITE

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55.00 LBS
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Product Overview

A quality, vinyl acrylic latex wall surface. Designed to be used as a heavily applied preparatory coat necessary to ensure the better appearance of newly applied drywall compound. PrepCoat is especially useful over joint lines and minor sanding grooves. When applied properly and according to TDS and label recommendations to a drywall surface with a minimum Level 4 finish, Ultra Spec® Prep Coat Hi-Build Latex Interior Primer (580) will provide a Level 5 finish as defined by ASTM C840 and by the Gypsum Association publication GA-214.

  • Fills and surfaces rough and uneven new drywall 
  • Evens out various porosities between drywall paper and joint compound
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Sandable 
  • Performs equally well underneath Benjamin Moore latex or solvent based finishes.
  • Minimizes minor surface imperfections: paper fuzz, minor sanding grooves, nicks and pinholes. 
  • Low VOC


  • VOC compliant in all regulated areas
  • Qualifies for LEED® v4 Credit
  • Qualifies for CHPS low emitting credit (Collaborative for High Performance Schools)
  • CDPH v1 Emission Certified 

Coverage: 150-250 sq.ft./gallon

Dry Time @ 77°F: To Touch 1 Hour – To Recoat 2-3 Hours

Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, soap, wax, scaling paint, water soluble materials, and mildew. Remove any peeling or scaling paint and sand these areas to feather edges smooth with adjacent surfaces. Glossy areas should be dulled. Drywall surfaces must be free of sanding dust.

Application: Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply by brush, roller, or spray. Use the same brushing techniques as you would for any low-VOC compliant interior coating. For best results, use a premium nylon/polyester brush, premium roller.  Apply paint generously from unpainted area into wet area. Ultra Spec Prep Coat Hi-Build Latex Interior Primer (580) dries faster than other acrylic paints, so avoid lap marks by maintaining a wet edge. Roll out vertical sections in 3' to 4' widths. Apply before and after filling nail holes,