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INSTANT PU REPAIR Ultra-Low-Viscosity Aromatic Polyurethane Repair Product - 2 GALLON KIT

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Product Overview


The INSTANT PU REPAIR is a two-component aromatic polyurethane crack repair system providing ultra fast curing. This product has been designed to repair concrete cracks and small holes on horizontal surfaces. It can also be used for below-grade repairs and at very low temperature levels.


  • Extremely fast curing, can be grinded after 15-20 minutes
  • Indoor/outdoor applications
  • Cures at very low temperature
  • Low viscosity allows for optimal concrete penetration
  • Possible to mix with silica sand, quartz, Extender T or silica to build up viscosity


  • Repairing cracks in concrete
  • Filling small holes
  • Repair below-grade structures
  • Cold temperature applications


COLOR: Milky/Yellowish


  • Working time: 4 min
  • Tack Free: 15 min
  • Dry Through: 20 min
  • Foot Traffic: 20 min
  • Full Cure: 24 hrs

SURFACE PREPARATION: Concrete should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, paint, curing agents or any contaminants that may inhibit proper adhesion. Concrete should be cured at least 28 days before applying the coating system. Proper testing procedures should be practiced with regards to soil acidity and moisture vapor transmission. Take a pH reading to ensure concrete is neutral (a reading between 5 and 9 is acceptable). Use a Tramex® CME / CMExpert to measure the moisture content of the concrete slab. Moisture content must be below 4% before applying the product. It is necessary to take several measurements at various places on the slab. If the reading is higher than 4%, steps will be required to neutralize the soil moisture. The first thing to do is to make sure that the floor is completely dry before application. Floors with higher results can receive the LABPOX MVB moisture mitigation. Surface must be shot blasted or prepared with an equivalent mechanical means in line with CSP 3 or more depending on the application. Ensure the surface is free of contaminants, and the pores are open to allow the product to penetrate.

MIXING: Mix one part of A and one part of B together in a separate container. The surface must be clean and free of any outside particles. Mix thoroughly using a drill. Mix only the necessary quantity to be used according to the specified pot life / working time. If mixed with aggregates, use a mixing ratio that does not exceed 3:1 (aggregates to INSTANT PU REPAIR).

APPLICATION: This product will cure at Sub 0°C / 32°F. If a heated floor is installed, ensure that the system is turned off during application and for the full duration of the cure. The product has been designed to adhere to concrete surfaces. The product needs to be poured in repair areas. Make sure to seal the surface with the INSTANT PU REPAIR prior pouring the product. Versions with aggregates can be applied using a trowel and/or a scrapper. Proper testing should be conducted prior to application. Contact a Labsurface sales representative prior to using this product.

RECOAT:  Recoat with the LABFAST or LABSHIELD base coat within 60 minutes after the application of the INSTANT PU REPAIR. Do not recoat with an epoxy unless the INSTANT PU REPAIR is grinded and that the repair aera is very small (½-1 inch diameter or less).