Benjamin Moore Unveils Woodluxe: A Revolutionary Exterior Wood Stain Line

25th Jan 2024

Benjamin Moore Unveils Woodluxe: A Revolutionary Exterior Wood Stain Line

Woodluxe by Benjamin Moore

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of paints and coatings, where the cherished traditions of the past seamlessly blend with the innovative spirit of the present, Benjamin Moore takes a monumental leap forward, introducing the world to Woodluxe – a groundbreaking exterior wood stain line that transcends conventional boundaries, redefining both outdoor wood protection and aesthetic possibilities. Here at Southern Paint we are thrilled to unravel the intricacies of this momentous and transformative product launch from the esteemed Benjamin Moore.

Woodluxe: A Symphony of Innovation and Tradition

Woodluxe Water Based by Benjamin Moore

Unveiling the Water-Based Marvel

The heart of Woodluxe lies in its water-based iteration, which unfurls a captivating and extensive spectrum of finishes, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse and discerning preferences of its users. From the steadfast and reliable Ultra Flat Solid and Solid finishes to the nuanced elegance of Semi-SolidSemi-Transparent and Translucent options, Woodluxe stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to providing a comprehensive offering that caters to the unique demands of every project.

The water-based Semi-Transparent, Translucent, and Semi-Solid variants have undergone a meticulous and comprehensive redesign, setting them apart from their predecessors in the Arborcoat line. Each product boasts key enhancements designed to elevate the user experience and redefine the standards of excellence in wood staining:

  • Stain Penetration: Delve into a new dimension of protection with deeper stain penetration, ensuring longevity and enduring beauty for your wood surfaces.
  • Minimal Film Formation for Longevity: Woodluxe's water-based products have been ingeniously designed to wear gracefully over time, a departure from the conventional peeling concerns, ensuring reduced callbacks for contractors and less headaches for homeowners.
  • Application Characteristics: Experience a heightened level of ease during application, with a reduction in lap marks, resulting in a flawlessly finished project.
  • Uniform Appearance: Achieve a consistent and harmonious aesthetic in every stroke, ensuring that your wood surfaces exude timeless elegance.
  • Water Beading and Protection: Benefit from enhanced water resistance, providing enduring protection against the unpredictable elements of nature.

While the Solid version remains consistent with the Arborcoat Solid formula, the Woodluxe Ultra Flat Solid has undergone a complete and transformative reformulation, enhancing marring resistance and durability to make it suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Easy application, quick drying, and convenient soap and water cleanup make Woodluxe water-based products not just a choice but a preference for both seasoned professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, setting a new standard in user-friendly and efficient wood staining solutions.

Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Oil

Embracing the Elegance of Oil-Based Stains

As the journey through the Woodluxe narrative unfolds, the focus shifts to the oil-based counterpart, which introduces a captivating array of finishes designed to celebrate the innate beauty of wood. With TranslucentSemi-Transparent, and Semi-Solid options, these oil-based products represent a pinnacle of aesthetic excellence, promising to elevate the allure of any exterior project.

The oil-based formulations within the Woodluxe series have been subjected to a comprehensive and transformative reimagination. This time, the emphasis is on presenting a full oil-based stain, a departure from the oil-modified acrylic approach. At the core of Woodluxe's oil-based offerings is Benjamin Moore's unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic oil-based line. This commitment translates into an experience characterized by ease of application, minimal lap marks, and a classic oil finish that accentuates the woodgrain. This makes Woodluxe an ideal choice for hardwoods such as Ipe and Mahogany. This transformation unfolds across several key aspects, each contributing to a superior wood staining experience:

  • Stain Penetration: The pursuit of enduring beauty and best in class performance necessitates superior stain penetration, ensuring that the wood surfaces are not just protected but transformed into timeless pieces of natural art.
  • Water Repellency: Woodluxe's oil-based formulations provide enhanced protection against the elements, creating a formidable shield that withstands the tests of time and weather.
  • Beauty and Appearance: The oil-based Woodluxe products are crafted to bring forth the inherent elegance of wood, ensuring that every project becomes a showcase of nature's finest aesthetics.

Woodluxe Prep and Maintenance Products: Elevating Prep & Care for Your Wood Surfaces

Complementing the Woodluxe exterior wood stain line, we introduce four prep and maintenance products designed to enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your wood surfaces. Carried over from the Arborcoat line, these solutions cater to preparation, restoration, and routine maintenance.

Woodluxe’s Wood Restorer: A Restoration Powerhouse

Ideal for severely weathered wood, this potent Wood Restorer swiftly renews surfaces, removing moderate to severe stains from mold and mildew. The bleach-free formula is gentle yet effective, preparing wood surfaces for recoating.

Woodluxe Wood Stain Remover: Fast-Acting Restoration

Efficiently removing peeling oil or latex stains, varnish, and clear-coat finishes, the Wood Stain Remover restores wood to its natural tone. Its concentrated formula removes both latex and oil finishes, providing a clean slate for recoating.

Woodluxe Wood Brightener & Neutralizer: Brilliance Renewed

Designed for exterior use, this safe brightener removes tannin and rust stains while countering darkening effects. Concentrated and effective, it breaks the “mill glaze” on new wood, ensuring optimal adhesion for paints and stains.

Woodluxe All-in-One Wood Cleaner: Simplified Maintenance

This versatile cleaner is ideal for routine maintenance, effectively removing grime, mildew stains, and water stains. Its concentrated formula ensures surfaces stay clean and vibrant.

Embrace Woodluxe's commitment to excellence beyond staining. These prep and maintenance products ensure your exterior wood surfaces stand the test of time with enduring beauty. Woodluxe – where protection, preparation, and maintenance converge for unparalleled success.

In the meticulous pursuit of excellence, Benjamin Moore understands that every project is unique, a reflection of the distinct needs and aspirations of the individuals behind them. Woodluxe emerges as a product meticulously crafted to meet those distinctive needs, presenting a transformative solution that not only enhances but also elevates outdoor spaces to unprecedented levels of beauty and durability.

We take great pride in presenting products that epitomize and advance our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Woodluxe is not merely a product; it represents a convergence where protection seamlessly integrates with beauty, tradition aligns with innovation, and your projects stand unequivocally poised for unparalleled success.

In this comprehensive overview of Woodluxe, we've navigated through the domains of water-based marvels and oil-based elegance, dissecting the intricacies and innovations that distinguish each product. However, the narrative doesn't culminate here. It extends beyond formulations and finishes, penetrating the very essence of Woodluxe – a commitment to transform your outdoor spaces into bastions of enduring beauty and functionality.

Explore the transformative impact of Woodluxe – where the union of protection and beauty is meticulously crafted, tradition aligns seamlessly with innovation, and your projects are not just initiated but destined for sustained and unparalleled success. Woodluxe is not merely a chapter in the story; it's a strategic investment in elevating your outdoor spaces with lasting elegance and performance.

Woodluxe is expected to ship late February, for pre-orders, shop Woodluxe.