WOODLUXE Water-Based Exterior Solid Deck & Siding Stain

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Product Overview


Elevate the beauty of your outdoor spaces with the Woodluxe Water-Based Solid Exterior Wood Stain by Benjamin Moore. Crafted with precision and innovation, this premium stain offers a flawless solution for protecting and enhancing your wood surfaces. Make your projects stress-free with the ease of application and quick drying properties of Woodluxe. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike will appreciate the efficient application process, coupled with the convenience of soap and water cleanup. The Woodluxe Water-Based Solid version is a versatile choice for various outdoor applications. From decks and fences to furniture and more, this exterior wood stain is your go-to solution for enhancing and protecting a wide range of surfaces. Because of the major success from the Arborcoat Solid Stain, Woodluxe Solid is the ONLY formula carried over from the Arborcoat line. 

Woodluxw WB Solid Stain is a premium quality water‐based deck and siding solid stain that masks the grain of the wood without obscuring its texture. This product is designed to beautify and protect exterior wood surfaces while standing up to harsh weather conditions. Woodluxe Deck and Siding solid stain also provides a UV and mildew resistant coating.

  • Advanced all‐weather protection
  • Easy application with minimal prep
  • Provides a UV & mildew resistant coating

Coverage: 300 – 400 Sq. Ft. per gallon

Dry Times:

  • To Touch: 1 hour
  • To Recoat: 4 hours


  • Exterior wood decking
  • Siding
  • Fencing
  • Shakes
  • Furniture
  • Ideal for softwoods like cedar and pine.

Compliance & Certifications

  • OTC
  • OTC II
  • CARB
  • CARB07
  • CARB19
  • UTAH
  • AZMC

Surface Preparation: Optimal performance is achieved when the product is applied to a clean, dry, and absorbent wood substrate. The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 15% to allow for proper penetration. 

  • New Wood: Smooth planed wood siding, trim, or decking must be sanded thoroughly or treated with Woodluxe™ Wood Brightener and Neutralizer (017) to break the “mill glaze” and allow proper penetration. After prep is complete, allow the wood to dry then test for penetration by applying a few drops of water to the substrate. If the water does not quickly penetrate, repeat prep, or consult your Benjamin Moore® retailer.
  • Weathered Wood: Prior to staining, gray and weathered wood must be treated with Woodluxe™ Wood Restorer (016), following label directions, until a sound surface is obtained (loose or damaged wood fibers removed).
  • Un‐weathered areas such as eaves, ceilings, overhangs, or protected areas must be washed with Woodluxe™ All‐In‐One Wood Cleaner (018) and rinsed with a strong stream from a garden hose to remove surface salts that can interfere with proper adhesion.
  • Previously Stained Surfaces: This product can also be applied to surfaces previously stained that is weathered but is not flaking or peeling. Remove contaminants or chalky residue from weathered stained surfaces by washing with Woodluxe™ All‐In‐ One Wood Cleaner (018) and allow to dry thoroughly. If the existing stain is flaking or peeling itshould be removed prior to staining. Existing paint, stain or sealer can be removed by sanding with an On Floor machine or using Woodluxe™ Wood Stain Remover (015). 
  • Mildew: Stains from mildew must be removed by cleaning with Woodluxe™ All‐In‐One Wood Cleaner (018) prior to coating the surface.

Primer Systems: Woodluxe™ Deck + Siding Solid Stain is self‐priming on most properly prepared substrates, including previously stained surfaces.

  • For bleeding or tannin‐rich woods such as cedar or redwood, prime with INSL-X Block Out Tannin Blocking Primer. Do not stain composite decking material with any color darker than the original color or having a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of less than 55.

Application: Prior to staining, ensure you have enough product to complete an entire section. In can color may differ from the final dried finish, therefore it is recommended to test a small area for color acceptance. When using multiple containers, intermix stain to ensure color uniformity. Stirthoroughly before and occasionally during use. Stain can be applied by brush, roller, pad applicator, or by spray. For roller, pad, or spray application, follow with back brushing for greater penetration. Apply 1‐2 coats. 2 coats will provide optimal protection and performance. Can be recoated after a minimum of 4 hours. When used as a deck stain, allow to dry for 48 hours before putting furniture back and returning to service. Temperature and humidity may affect drying time. In can color may differ from the final dried finish. Apply evenly, allowing the stain to penetrate into the wood. Brush from dry into wet areas, stopping at natural breaks, i.e., stairs or edges. To minimize lapping, always maintain a wet edge. On siding or decking, apply the stain on a section of 2 or 3 boards completely across the length of the boards. Continue by coating the next section of boards in the same manner until the area is completed. Vertical siding is coated using the same principle from top to bottom. Never stop staining in the middle of the board; continue until a natural break isreached. Avoid staining in directsunlight as this will prevent the product from penetrating properly and causing lap marks. Apply when air and surface temperatures are between 40 °F and 90 °F.

  • Brush: Nylon / polyester
  • Roller: Premium Quality
  • Spray, Airless:
  • Pressure / 2,000 – 3000psi, .13-.17 tip