Scraperite Curved Plastic Razor Blades - 30pk

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Product Overview


Scraperite, the world leader in plastic razor blades, now has curved, plastic razor blades. Curved plastic blade increases several safety factors by virtually eliminating sharp corners. This is the ideal safety scraper for any application and would probably be a buyer's first choice, unless sharp corners are required for the job.  Perfect for use on concave surfaces or where rotating action is most effective. By using a rotating action with the wrist, the user can successfully lift stickers, grime, and dirt easily with targeted accuracy. Using the flexibility of the blade, the width of the blade touching the surface can be controlled by varying the pressure. This feature gives more accurate control of coverage on every stroke. This blade only fits Tradesman Series Holders and is available in the Orange General Purpose and Blue polycarbonate blades.


ORANGE (GPO)General Purpose plastic razor blade.

    • This particular plastic blade type is the softest material offered by Scrape Rite and is a perfect tool for use on delicate surfaces.
    • Use on: acrylic, brass, ceramic tile, dishes, glass, formica, hardwoods, laminates, mirror, polycarbonate, painted surfaces, windows, vinyl flooring, etc.

BLUE (PCB)Polycarbonate plastic razor blade.

    • This particular blade is of a medium tensile strength. It is stiffer than the Orange General Purpose blade but still maintains some pliability. It is perfect for those surfaces that can handle more friction and pressure.
    • Use on: acrylic, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, glass, fiberglass, formica, hardwood, laminates, mirror, painted surfaces, vinyl flooring, windows, etc.