Scraperite WIDE 4" Plastic Razor Blade Scraper

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$8.99 - $47.99
0.25 LBS

Product Overview


Yes, ScrapeRite is now available in WIDE!! Scrape Rite WIDE is available in a variety of configurations. 25 Packs of blades only, combo packs, and Blade and Holder packs as well. Unlike conventional metal blades, ScrapeRite blades will not scratch surfaces. This is extremely important when working on fragile, easily scratched surfaces, like hard wood floors and your cars paint job. The ORANGE color General Purpose (GPO), a Celcon blade material, is approved by Boeing to be used on Alclad aluminum airframes. The superior value proposition offered by Scraperite makes our scraper available at fraction of the cost with two usable sides instead of one. Just try Scraperite blades once and you will see the difference.

  • 4" Wide, double sided, general purpose blades. Each blade has two useable sides instead of one.
  • The ORANGE BLADE softest ScrapeRite Blade offered and is a perfect tool for use on delicate surfaces such as acrylic, brass, ceramic tile, dishes, glass, formica, hardwoods, laminates, mirror, polycarbonate, painted surfaces, windows, vinyl flooring, etc.
  • No rusting or pitting. Safe on skin, will not cut you like metal blades. Removes dead bugs, stickers, tape, grime, adhesives, and so much more.
  • Excellent for scraping and cleaning in automotive, marine, household, and industrial applications.
  • The durable plastic holder measures approximately 6-1/4" tall top to bottom. Handle ranges from 1-3/4" to 1-1/2" wide. Blade easily pops in and out of holder. NOTE: HANDLE MAY COME IN ORANGE OR GRAY.

Package Option Breakdown:

  • 1pk Scraper Holder w/1 Blade = One scraper handle with one blade.
  • 3pk Scraper Holder w/1 Blade = Three scraper handles with three blades.
  • 6pk Scraper Holder w/1 Blade = Six scraper handle with six blades.
  • 1pk Scraper Holder w/5 Blades = One scraper handle with five blades.
  • 3pk Scraper Holder w/5 Blades = Three scraper handle with fifteen blades.
  • 6pk Scraper Holder w/5 Blades = Six scraper handles with thirty blades.
  • 25pk Blades Only = 25 Blades only.
  • 75pk Blades Only = 75 Blades only.
  • 150pk Blades Only = 150 Blades only.
  • Combo Pack, 1 Holder w/25 Blades = One holder with 25 blades.
  • Combo Pack, 3 Holders w/75 Blades = Three holders with 75 blades.