Scraperite Dwarf Handle Safety Scraper w/6 Blades

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Product Overview


The Scraperite Tradesman Dwarf Safety Scraper is designed with user convenience and efficiency in mind. The patent-pending blade release system ensures easy blade replacement, making the process a breeze. The trimmed holder angle enhances corner reach, allowing for more effective blade usage in tight spaces. With a dual-blade system, our scraper cleverly accommodates both curved and rectangle blades, providing versatility for various applications. Experience ergonomic comfort with the sloped palm section, ensuring a smooth connection with the back of the hand. Discover a scraper that combines cutting-edge features for a superior scraping experience.

ORANGE (GPO)General Purpose plastic razor blade.

  • This particular plastic blade type is the softest material offered by Scrape Rite and is a perfect tool for use on delicate surfaces.
  • Use on: acrylic, brass, ceramic tile, dishes, glass, formica, hardwoods, laminates, mirror, polycarbonate, painted surfaces, windows, vinyl flooring, etc.

YELLOW (ACY)Acrylic plastic razor blade.

  • This plastic razor blade stays rigid and has almost no notable pliability. It is perfect for your hard flat surfaces where scratches are near impossible.
  • Use on: aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, Formica, laminates, hardwood, vinyl flooring, chrome, fiberglass, granite, marble mirror, teflon, stainless, windows, etc.

BLUE (PCB)Polycarbonate plastic razor blade.

  • This particular blade is of a medium tensile strength. It is stiffer than the Orange General Purpose blade but still maintains some pliability. It is perfect for those surfaces that can handle more friction and pressure.
  • Use on: acrylic, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, glass, fiberglass, formica, hardwood, laminates, mirror, painted surfaces, vinyl flooring, windows, etc.