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Seal Krete Floor-Tex 40 (40lb Pail) Textured Concrete Coating

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Product Overview


SEAL-KRETE® FLOOR-TEX® Textured Concrete Coating is a durable, non-slip, texture coating that provides a decorative finish for concrete and masonry surfaces such as pool decks, patios, porches, ramps and walkways. Paintable and tintable, this premium acrylic formula hides surface imperfections while providing a tough finish that resists damage from moisture, salt, oil, gas and chlorine. Performance-tested on commercial traffic sites, Floor-Tex outwears conventional anti-skid coatings, paints and stains. It’s also suitable for wood stairs.

  • Choose Your Color - Just Add One Gallon of Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal or Garage Floor Paint
  • Non-Slip Decorative Finish for Concrete & Masonry Surfaces
  • Resistant to Moisture, Salt, Chlorine and Oil
  • Hides Imperfections, Stains & Discolorations
  • Meets ADA Requirements for Non-Slip Coatings
  • Brush, Roll or Spray


  • Pool Decks
  • Patios & Porches
  • Ramps & Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Concrete Steps
  • Carports

APPLICATION: Read “LIMITATIONS” section before use. Add 1 gallon of acrylic concrete & garage floor paint, such as SEAL-KRETE Epoxy-Seal, to 40 lb. Floor-Tex and mix thoroughly with a paint mixing blade attached to a 3/8" electric or 18-volt cordless drill (if not premixed by store paint shaker). Carefully pour into a clean, deep-welled paint tray. Use only when air and surface temperatures are 50° to 90°F (10° to 32°C). A minimum of 2 coats is recommended. Apply first coat and let dry to touch, then apply second coat in direction perpendicular to the first.

  • Brush: Use a high quality, nylon bristle brush.
  • Roller: Use a short nap (1/8", 3/16" or 1/4") cover – synthetic or mohair blend.

COVERAGE: 40 lb. Floor-Tex with paint added will cover approximately 600 sq. ft. with one coat or 300 sq.ft. with two coats, depending on the substrate porosity and thickness applied.


  • Dry to touch: 1–4 hours.
  • Dry to foot traffic: 24 hours.
  • Vehicular traffic: 3–5 days.
  • Note: Dry times vary depending on temperature and humidity.

TOPCOATING: To finish the system and for easier maintenance, wait 24 hours before applying one thin coat of SEAL-KRETE Clear Seal.